Free Range Humans 8 Day Series: Making A Living On Your Terms

It's time to get paid to be you. With your free range guide, Marianne Cantwell

The free range video series in what it takes to get paid to be you (without an office or a boss).

You know what you want to do for your free range career. (Or maybe you’re already out there doing it). But something’s missing… like the clients and the money. Or the fulfilment and the freedom.

How do you stand out from the crowd + create a brilliant, consistent full time income (on your terms)… without squishing your personality into a box? Or, let’s be honest, without living on baked beans for 2 years?

Let’s go beyond the world of ‘shoulds’, of spinning around in circles: here I show you how to make things work even if you think marketing isn’t your thing.

Get going with this free intro 8 day marketing and money series here:

(Note this one is NOT about finding or choosing an idea, it’s about getting out and making your thing take off. If you are currently spinning around trying to choose or even find an idea, then this series won’t be for you, click here to see something right up your alley).